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We offer Lawsuit Funding Loans in the States listed below. In our offices we refer to them as our Lawsuit Funding States. You might notice that we provide Plaintiff Funding in almost every State. The reason Lawsuit Loans 911 can be more liberal in our Settlement Funding guidelines is a result being direct lenders..

Our No Risk Policy

Our Settlement Loans are completely without risk. If for some unknown reason. you lose your case, the money we advanced you is yours to keep without ever having to pay back one penny..

Draw Your Own Conclusion

It’s a win / win situation. It’s your money anyway. Get a Settlement Loan from Lawsuit Cash 911. Either fill out our 30 second application ore call Toll Free – 800-251-6606

ALASKA (No Workers Comp Cases) Alaska Lawsuit Funding Loans - Pre Settlement Advances Alaska

CALIFORNIA (No Workers Comp Cases) California Lawsuit Funding Loans - Pre Settlement Cash Advances California

CONNECTICUT Lawsuit Funding Cash Advances Connecticut - Pre Settlement Funding Connecticut

DELAWARE Delaware Lawsuit Funding Cash Advance Loans - Pre Settlement Funding Delaware

FLORIDA Florida Lawsuit Funding Cash Advance Loans - Pre Settlement Funding Florida

GEORGIA  Georgia Lawsuit Funding Cash Advance Loans - Pre Settlement Funding Georgia

HAWAII (No Workers Comp Cases) Hawaii Lawsuit Funding Cash Advance Loans - Pre Settlement Cash Advances Hawaii

IDAHO (No Workers Comp Cases) Idaho Lawsuit Funding Cash Advance Loans - Pre Settlement Funding Idaho

ILLINOIS  Illinois Lawsuit Funding Cash Advance Loans - Pre Settlement Funding Illinois

IOWA Iowa Lawsuit Funding Loans - Iowa Pre Settlement Cash Advances

KANSAS Kansas Lawsuit Funding Loans - Kansas Pre Settlement Cash Advances

LOUISIANA Louisiana Lawsuit Funding Loans - Louisiana Pre Settlement Cash Advances

MASSACHUSETTS (No Workers Comp Cases) Massachusetts Lawsuit Funding Loans - Massachusetts Pre Settlement Cash Advances

MICHIGAN (No Workers


MONTANA (No Workers Comp Cases)

Washington DC Lawsuit Cash Advance Loans - Pre Settlement Funding Washington DC                                                                                                                                                               Washington DC

New Hampshire Lawsuit Funding Cash Advance Loans - Pre Settlement Funding New Hampshire NEW HAMPSHIRE (No Workers Comp Cases)

New Jersey Lawsuit Funding Cash Advance Loans - New Jersey Pre Settlement Loans NEW JERSEY (No Workers Comp Cases)

New Mexico Lawsuit Funding Cash Advances - Funding for Cases in New MexicoNEW MEXICO

New York Lawsuit Cash advances - Pre Settlement Loans New York NEW YORK (No Workers Comp Cases)

 NORTH CAROLINA (Only Cases Over 25K) 

North Dakota Lawsuit Funding Loans - North Dakota Pre Settlement Advances NORTH DAKOTA

Oregon Lawsuit Funding Loans - Oregon Pre Settlement Loans OREGON (No Workers Comp Cases)

Pennsylvania Lawsuit Funding Loans - Pennsylvania Pre Settlement Cash Advances PENNSYLVANIA (No Workers Comp Cases)

South Dakota Lawsuit Funding Loans - South Dakota Pre Settlement Cash Advances SOUTH DAKOTA (No Workers Comp Cases)

Texas Lawsuit Funding Loans - Texas Pre Settlement Cash Advances TEXAS (No Workers Comp Cases)

Utah Lawsuit Funding Loans - Utah Pre Settlement Cash Advances UTAH (No Workers Comp Cases)

Virginia Lawsuit Funding Loans - Virginia Pre Settlement Cash Advances VIRGINIA (No Workers Comp Cases)

Washington Lawsuit Funding Loans - Washington Pre Settlement Cash Advances WASHINGTON (No Workers Comp Cases)

West Virginia Lawsuit Funding Loans - West Virginia Pre Settlement Cash Advances WEST VIRGINIA (No Workers Comp Cases )

Wisconsin Lawsuit Funding Loans - Wisconsin Pre Settlement Cash Advances WISCONSIN (No Workers Comp Cases)

Wyoming Lawsuit Funding Loans - Wyoming Pre Settlement Cash Advances WYOMING (No Workers Comp Cases)

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