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We can provide you with a Lawsuit Cash Advance in as little as 24* Hours!

Lawsuit Pre-Settlement Cash Advance Loans

A Lawsuit Funding Cash Advance is a Fast and Easy process. If your attorney has filed a lawsuit you may need cash today. Before your lawsuit settles or goes to trial Lawsuit Cash 911 will invest cash in your lawsuit on a contingency fee basis. All our lawsuit cash advances are Non-Recourse which means that if your lawsuit is not successful you pay us back nothing.

A Lawsuit Settlement Cash Advance can help you stay away from financial catastrophe such as foreclosure, bankruptcy and an adverse credit report. Don’t settle for a lesser settlement amount because you are in extreme need of money. Apply for a lawsuit settlement cash advance today to tide you over so you can receive the final settlement you deserve! We specialize in Fast Settlement Funding / Lawsuit Funding / Low Rate Loans Against Lawsuits

Rates as low 1/4% a month
Non Recourse Advance
No Impact on Credit
No Renewel Polices Required