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You repay us ONLY if you win your case. If you don't win, you owe us NOTHING!

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What are Pre-Settlement ​Loans​?

When you and your family waiting for your case to settle, life goes on stop. Lawsuit loans or settlement loans will give you the litigation funding money you need to pay for your medical bills, car repairs, and general living expenses. In order to figure out how much lawsuit financing you can get, Law Cash 911 will review your case and insurance coverage.. Once we’ve taken a look at your case, we can help you get the Lawsuit Financing you deserve, so you don’t have to suffer during lengthy legal battles. Once your Lawsuit Settlement Cash is approved, a one time processing fee will be added to your Case Funding for repayment when your case resolves.

Pre-Settlement – Personal Injury Loans are simple to get and let you get back to living your life after the disruption of an accident. Because repayment of your Lawsuit Money is done when your case resolves, there is no minimum or maximum period for repaying the Case Loan. Best of all, if you lose your case you don’t owe Law Cash 911 anything.

Knowing the exact date your case will settle is impossible. Since your Litigation Financing is only paid once your case settles, the minimum and maximum period for repayment can vary. Repayment periods can be as little as 90 days and as much as 5 years. Best of all should you decide to repay your Plaintiff Loan before your case settles there is never a penalty.

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Some important and worthy features of using Law Cash 911.

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It will cost you nothing to find out if you qualify for a lawsuit settlement loan with no risk for you. You may receive immediate cash.

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We offer the lowest cost and most competitive low rates within our industry.

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Plaintiff Pre Settlement Funding available in as fast as 24 hours* *​ The timing begins after your attorney has sent all the required information.

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We only specialize in Funding for Lawsuits so you know you can trust our representatives when it comes to asking for a settlement loan/advance.

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Unlike some other lenders, we promise to never sell your information...PERIOD

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Our representatives are available to answer your questions 24 hour a day, 7 days a week.


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